Body Slam! Super Pro Wrestling


Für 1-2 Spieler (keine Overlays vom Hersteller)

ALL RIGHT YOU CREEPS - this is the one you´ve been waitin´ for - BODY SLAM!!! - the roughest, fastest, wiiiiildest game ever! Climb in the ring with one of the thoughest, craziest ANIMALS in the WHOLE WORLD - like JACK HAMMER, BARON VON THUD, and DR.PAIN!!! They look pretty funny, huh? Well, ha ha ha -they want to TEAR YOUR LAUGHIN´ HEAD OFF! Whatsa matter - AM I SCARING YOU???!!!! C´mon - you learn the moves: THE HEAD BUTT (=====!!!) - THE BAZOOKA PUNCH (BOOM!!!) - THE SPIN HEAVE (HEEEEEEE´S OUTTA HERE!!!!) - Anything Goes!!!!!