Hover Force


Für 1 Spieler (keine Overlays vom Hersteller)

Terrorist forces have taken over the island city of New Seeburg. Luckily, civilians have been evacuated from the city, but the enemy is destroying buildings and bridges, causing millions of dollars in damage. Fires are burning out of control troughout the island.

Our intelligence reports show that their troops are well equipped withe heavily armed combat helicopters. The only way to fight ´em is in the air, so we´re sending you up in the top secret JAF-3000 helicopter. This copter is equipped with laser cannons to blast the enemy out of the sky, water cannons to put out fires, and a sophisticated radar system. This baby is highly maneuverable, with advanced jet air-brakes that stop you with change back for your dime.

You have the fire power, but you´ll need brains. The enemy isn´t just going to sit pretty waiting for you to blow him to bits. You´ll have to watch for his patterns to outsmart him. And of course, he´ll be gunning for you.

You´ll be flying a series of missions, each more difficult than the one before. Every mission, though, has the same goal - eliminate the terrorists! You must also put qout as many fires as possible. You can return to home base twice - and only twice - per mission to repair your chopper and refuel.

One last warning. This isn´t some game, this is combat. None of this "three lives" folishness. Crash your copter and it´s all over - you´re finished.

So watch your tail out there. Now, let´s scramble!