Beauty and the Beast


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Horrible Hank has run off with Tiny Mabel. She´s Bashful Buford´s girl. All of Lambville Falls is talking. Now, Horrible Hank is a mean one. Eats hot buttered bricks for breakfast. Regular mountain of a man. He uses boulders instead of bowling balls. Carries them with him in his pocket, like paper clips. Bowls a strike every time. Small wonder. Seems Tiny Mabel finally told him off. Everybody heard. That´s when Horrible Hank grabbed her, and ran off. Buford may be scrawny, but he´s got spunk. He´s cornered them up on the old Mutton Building. Buford jumps over those boulders Horrible Hank throws his way. He dodges birds and bats and leaps clean over rats - all to get his little love back.