Mr. Basic meets Bits´n Bytes


Für 1-2 Spieler

Learn Computer programming while you play video games! It´s the fun way to learn the BASIC language! Play 3 different games! Play 3 ways! Type simple BASIC instructions on the computer keyboard to play the games . . . use the hand controllers to play the games . . . . or combine the two! Learning BASIC computer programming is now simpler than ever!

Vampire Bats Game - Vicious bats are after the exterminator! He´s trapped on the roof! Make him run ... jump ... duck! Have him drop bombs on the bats!

The Cannon Game - It´s one-on-one. The cannon vs. the missile launcher. One player fires the cannon! The other player launches the missiles. The battle is on!

Mr. Basic Game - There´s a system failure! Bits & bytes of information are escaping from the computer. Make Mr. BASIC grab ´em and throm ´em back in!