Für 1-2 Spieler

Imagine this: You´re a juggler. You´ve practiced long and hard to become a  very good juggler. You can juggle rubber balls, fragile plates, even razor-sharp daggers. Now you´re ready for the ultimate test - the Fireball Competition.

The situation: You´ve done well in the early matches of the International Tournament of Jugglers. Most of the competitors have been eliminated. You´ve survived. Now it´s down to the final event: the Fireball.

Your objective: Catch the blazing Fireball and hurl it back at the wall of blocks. Rack up points by smashing blocks and clearing the screen. And prove your skill as a juggler by keeping a number of Fireballs in the air. First one, then two, three, four ... You have five tries, just in case the Fireball becomes a little too hot to handle.