Riddle of the Sphinx




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Hieroglyphics on an ancient obelisk tell a strange tale:
These are dark times. Death´s long shadow rests across the Valley of the Kings. Anubis, jackal-headed god of the death, has cast his curse over all of Pharaoh`s kingdom. A plague of scorpions and hordes of thieves lie thick upon the land. O hear the thin wine of despairl! Sing of Pharaoh´s Son, all hail the Prince of Egaypt! Deliver us from this curse! Brave the dangers of the desert. Seek the answer to the Riddle of the Sphinx. Pay Anubis´ ransom with your treasures, O cunning Prince of Wiles. Reach the Temple of Ra, source of light and life. Pharaoh´s heir - be wise, be wily - and beware!