River Raid 2




Für 1-2 Spieler

Take Off and Landing!
Strap yourself into a fighter pilot´s dream machine. Your jet is fully loaded: radar, thrust bar, altimeter - the works. Just getting of the carrier is a challenge, and landing is even tougher. One mistake and say goodbye to millions of dollars of high-tech fighter plane.

Ocean Dogfight!
Duel high-speed enemy jets and helicopters in a teeth-to-teeth dogfight amidst a pyro-spectacular of explosive flak. Refuel in mid-air and thrust down to sea level for an all-out battle withe enemy destroyers.

The River - Payback Time!
Strafe the enemy landscape withe the awesome firepower of missile cannons and heat-seeking torpedoes. It´s payback time! Jet down into the treacherous river channel and blast enemy tanks, landing strips, water towers, destroyers, and bridges into fiery submission.