Space Shuttle




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In America,we have a word for this kind of thing.

Ingenuity. Raw, relentless, fly-to-the-moon inventiveness. It build America´s Space Shuttle. It also, by the way, had a lot to do with building this one. Might we say - a triumph of software engineering? Indeed, before you lies a marvelous opportunity to pilot an extremly authentic Shuttle mission. Sound and graphics explode off the screen with all the fire and fury of a real Cape Canaveral liftoff. Blast away solid rocket boosters. Opencargo by doors. Master orbital mechanics, and rendezvous with elusive satellites. Finally, perform a precision deorbit burn. With superheated gasses brilliantly flashing outside your window, surrounded by sonic booms, break through the atmosphere, and land. It is a flight that will call upon all your skills, your inner strenght, and your mind. Join the Journey. And discover your own ingenuity along the way.