Für 1-2 Spieler

Far beyond the Northwest Territory, icebergs crack and the wind chill factor is minus 40°. This the land of Eskimos and igloos, of polar bears and frozen toes. This is the home of Frostbite Bailey.
Part survivor, part architect, part nuts. He eats raw fish for sustenance but really dines on danger. He´s the guy with ice water running through his veins. A bona fide working class hero.
You see, Frostbide builds igloos for a living. Iceblock to iceblock, he jumps high and low, while danger follows every leap. Killer clams, Alaskan King Crab, snow geese and big bad bears.
Yet, Frostbite will not be deterred. From the frigid morn through the dead of night, heeding only the call of the wild, he works on and on. Myabe it´s the spirit of Peary. Or, maybe his brain´s gone numb. In any case, he´s still there and he´d like you to join him. Frostbite Bailey - building igloos and legends.