Keystone Kapers




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"Flash! Harry Hooligan, notorious con-artist, thief and all-araound-not-a-nice-person, has escaped!! He is now at large and in the vicinity of Southwick´s Emporium. At this moment, Hooligan is foiling every attempt to end his felonious freedom."

"On the scene is Keystone Kelly, the pride of the men in blue. Officer Kelly, what´s it like in there?"

"Oh,´tis a cryin´ shame! Shenanigans like ya wouldn´t believe! Dastardly deeds that defy description! That rogue is hurlin`everything in reach! Shopping carts, biplanes, beachballs - everything but cathedral radios. LOOK OUT! It´s a cathedral radio! Gotta go! I mean to recover the loof and bust that brute!"

"Will that double-dyed hoodlum keep Keystome in trouble, or will YOU help the greatest gumshoe going cath that no good faloot?? Grab your billyclubs and joysticks! It´s curtains now, Hooligan!"