Cosmic Swarm





Für 1 Spieler

The immense WAYPOINT interstellar trade depot floats with its small crew at a distant crossroads between the stars. It should be a quiet place to command. But beware - a dormant colony of giant, alien, mineral eating termites hidden in ore holding section seven have awakened! The Termites invade the main power-conversion chamber and begin assembling a haphazard nest. Your crew is working feverishly, oping crates oy tiny remote-controlled planetary-probe ships. It´s up to you to pilot a fragile probe ship into the power chamber and clear out the invaders before they jam it totally. By docking with your refuling ship when necessary, and be energizing the nest blocks so your probe ship´s fire can destroy them, you may be able to prevail against the invaders and save WAYPOINT.